Zipline Conservative

July 5, 2010

Progressive’s Earnest, Urban Contempt

I observe the earnest, pinched, uptight, righteous ones often in Portland. Their conversations are almost always in some way directed toward agendas once the social amenities are dispensed with. Their entire lifestyle is organized around their dogma. I spose this is not much different than many strident ones on the Right, that have an agenda, that does not adequately honor liberty. Read the piece below re the Progressive’s Agenda and contempt for non-urbanites and any non-believers amongst them. I have no damn doubt many I meet would love Castro like re-education camps or worse to get the message across.

“For Democrats, it’s the cities, stupid–not the rural areas, not the prickly, hateful “heartland,” but the sane, sensible cities–including the cities trapped in the heartland. Pandering to rural voters is a waste of time.”  h/t Bayou Renaissance Man.


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  1. Yikes- although I do not think they are only in Portland sad to say- they are everywhere.

    Comment by Jimbo — July 5, 2010 @ 8:48 AM | Reply

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