Zipline Conservative

June 23, 2010

McChrystal & Obama (Rolling Stone Booby Trap)

Well, for being so savvy, McChrystal was exceedingly careless to sit down with Rolling Stone. But, to me it speaks volumes that one would fly the General home while in the middle of a war. Of course, to compare him to Mac Arthur is not a true comparison.

McChrystal called it like it is. Obama et al are putz’s. He should submit his resignation and then step out and call it like it is. He said it…he meant it…stand by it. Of course, some lap dog General, more in line with Obama and Gates, will assume the role and cause chaos.

“McChrystal’s job is to implement policy not define it or criticize it. Not the first time he has shown absolute contempt for his civilian superiors.” If McChrystal stays, he needs to focus on the war and stay the hell away from an obvious booby trap like Rolling Stone. What the hell was he thinking?

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