Zipline Conservative

June 18, 2010

Obama the Berzerker (Serious Doubts Grow)

Serious doubts mount world wide about our country’s direction and the crazy leader steering us into the perfect storm.

Stop the massive spending to get us out of financial ruin. It will not work. It is not working. $13 Trillion dollars and growing….no more debt. Even the Euro’s know something has to give and now!!!!!!!!!! Wake up America, we are headed for collapse….and I wonder if it is not intentional.

No criminal conduct to warrant to call for impeachment? Seriously, do you doubt the criminal culpability of this Obama Administration? The truth comes out in the wash…the stress of the times, despite the intentional whirlwind of distractions by the administration and media, shows the corruption of Democrats.

Additional Angst: Arlington National Cemetary headstones in the creek. Chris Dodd and the $54 million for the Mohegan Casino, Minerals Management Agency coverup (so you fired the head..big deal…release the reports). Distractions abound. Who can keep up with all the happenings? Isn’t that the plan? Bastards all.


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