Zipline Conservative

June 11, 2010

Obama Problems: Bush Still Causes Problems

It must be Bush? Sales are down; Unemployment is still in the toilet. National debt going up at $4 Billion dollars per day. No one in charge in the gulf. Obama’s woes are so troubling in light of this terrible shadow from W.

The Junior Senator didn’t blink to grab the money institutions and auto industries to satisfy the money grabbing thugs and union thugs…….why the delay on grabbing oil money? It certainly cannot be the greenies frustrations at his love of oil monies. And, why has no one yet, beyond a Coast Guard Commander, grabbed control of this incident to coordinate with local, fed, even international resources on the gulf spill? Jones Act still in place thereby precluding any international ships (tankers) coming in to help. Obama had not even met with BP executives in a coordinating role. Nope. Now he meets in a reactionary way to be the big, tough Junior Senator. Reactive…Not Proactive…Bad decision making in a drawn out crisis. Seriously..they are incompetent beyond spin and amassing money. Goddamn crooks that can’t handle a crisis.

Let’s see…what is the Junior Senator today? Furious, Angry, Outraged, Enraged, Pissy, Just Beside Himself. Poser…and now it shows on a moderate level disaster….yes, moderate level. Whether Bush or the Junior Senator, the ineptitude of the Feds is staggering and we want to give them ever more control of our lives?


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