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May 30, 2010

Obama’s and Their Pledges To You

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Obamas' Wrong Handed Pledge

As much as I detest the political bent of the Obama Administration and their intentions for this country…it is important to stand ethically honest in fighting them and their minions. So, when I first saw this, and recalling when Obama didn’t even raise his arm at a ceremony, I was a bit peeved. But, I thought that is an odd miscalculation these days….a real slap in the face. So, I researched a bit, as you should do as well. Snopes


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  1. So this one was a fabrication. But it is no fabrication that Obama is passing up Arlington National Cemetery this Memorial Day. Sure, Memorial Day was started to honor Civil War dead, but…the importance of his decision to go to Chicago instead of Arlington, Virginia has a very broad significance that some folks are missing.

    Lincoln freed the slaves…first black president…I get that, but it is an insult to think he is so black that he would forsake and actually snub the fallen from recent wars? How in the hell can a Commander-in-Cheif even remotely think this is acceptable? And they holler discrimination! To be honest, I think it is the Obama way of getting even for racial injustice, and making it front page news, that way we all get the point. What a piss-poor excuse of a leader.

    Comment by Ed Spaulding — May 31, 2010 @ 10:50 AM | Reply

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