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April 24, 2010

German Rule of Law: Immigration + Private Rules Subvert Order

Do not subvert societal order and assimilation by caving to cultures. Screw diversity.Normally I would agree…screw the state…but, anarchy or private thugs, who later impose their rules upon us…must be rejected…don’t bow to EuroEnvy….

“WELT ONLINE: And your explanation for that is a lack of respect for the power of the state?

Wendt: Isn’t that apparent? The perpetrators don’t accept the German legal system and its representatives. By the way, it is well known that such blitz mobilizations are mostly performed by young men with a Turkish or Arab background. In such quarters, the monopoly on the use of physical force of the state is shaken. Officers experience something similar when they come to the scene of a punchfest between people of Turkish- or Arab descent. They will be pushed away again and again and be told: “That is an internal matter, get lost!” or “Shove off, we’ll ask our hodja to manage that, not you”.

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