Zipline Conservative

April 20, 2010

Glenn Beck, Tea Party, the Right (Obvious Propaganda)

Ha! No, not them. The State Run Media ‘bots that are sooooo obviously running a concerted effort to marginalize and demonize Beck, Citizens and Conservatives that dare to speak out against the Arrogant Ones. A citizen speaking out against the government and threatening that government with words is not sedition. Don’t quote the law. You sure has hell have not for umpteen years as Leftist thugs have rioted, burned, killed, bombed and threatened. Don’t start now as your panties bunch up.

Don’t try to marginalize the Right. Whether RINO’s or Progressives, your days of gluttony are in the target zone of criticism and relentless scrutiny. Get use to it you arrogant, bloated, sanctimonious, manipulative gluttons. My liberty is not up for grabs….


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