Zipline Conservative

March 25, 2010

Yellow Enviro Agenda

I sense the relentless campaign on enviro policy has three fronts: the legit concerns over habitat and pollution; the profit incentive to push new products that may or may not have a legit impact on the environment; the faction that wants to bring our system down and retool under government control. Of course, there is a blend of the above. Slimeball Gore is getting hypocritically rich while spewing his yellow agenda. The disturbing wave of propaganda is the price for living in a, for now, free society…we are being brainwashed with our freedom of expression mechanisms. There is little escape and the sheep follow. The yellow agenda is being prepped now by this mass media mechanism. If the Oblahma Ilk have their way….the muscle will evolve behind the scenes to enforce the yellow agenda. Beware of the seemingly reasonable…it is but a prelude..a step to the abyss.


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