Zipline Conservative

March 25, 2010

Glenn Beck & The Trap

I have come to enjoy Glenn Beck’s show. The guy does an amazing job, day to day, following his seemingly whackadoodle thought processes… Not so quick. Have you really watched the guy? I have to admit there is much there to digest. He has set forth a lot of info that is troubling. Most troubling is the cabal of dangerous individuals that are working next to Obama. But, last night Beck touched upon something that resonated and probably does with many of you: frustration turning to threats and violence.

The effort is to marginalize the resistance. Marginalize the ‘tea party’, the conservative voice, the alternatives. Paint the resistance as threatening, uncivil, scary. Then highlight all the supposed or real actions of a few to further marginalize the alternative voice.

Beck advised to not succumb to rage. To not encourage violence. He is, of course, right. Peace brother.

This impulse to vent is brought by a sense of hopelessness in the process. Many segments of our society..minority groups…feel this at times. It can be played upon by the propaganda efforts of this or that group seeking power…so be ever vigilant to the message and ulterior agendas. Keep the peace.


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