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March 23, 2010

Health Care Reality Check (UK Style)

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We can talk to the pols until we are blue in the face. They don’t care…they already know the realities and either think they can do better than those that have gone before or want the power to cut the moorings. Preaching to the populace, is speaking to those that are busy working and getting by. Not just the idle rich but the rest of us that do the right thing everyday. They may or may not look up from their toils to comprehend the risk. The takers do not care…takers have never considered the consequences of their actions…that is why many of them, that did have options, chose to take.

“The ex-minister admitted that most of the extra money—which by now must equal a decent proportion of the total national debt—had been simply wasted. (The same might be said, of course, of the increased outlays put toward state education.) But his explanation for this state of affairs was superficial and self-exculpating, to say the least: he said that the NHS received more money than it knew what to do with because of managerial inexperience.”

“My job is to make sure that the government is reelected.” (The government’s job, in turn, was to make sure that she remained chief executive.) She also explained that the hospital could expect no increase in its government funding, unlike other hospitals—because it was located in an area in which most people voted for the government anyway.  CJ Reality Check


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