Zipline Conservative

March 13, 2010

Demwits Machinations are Deeply Offensive

Normally polls rule for the Dems when they are getting their way or see an opening to pound away on the public psyche. Now the polls are so clear re Health Care Reform proposals, yet the Dems push forward into a pending shit storm. What is the incentive for this atypical reading-response to the polls?

Michelle Malkin sheds light on the possible means to this end game. To say this is about satisfying their base seems less explanatory than the greater push toward acquisition of power and one big EGO.

For the Dems to blatantly structure an assault upon the foundation of our Constitution does indeed show the Progressives’ disdain for the document and our individual liberty.

The anger is rising. Processes cannot be ignored as men are bound to it to maintain civility. Take it away and create hopelessness and the consequences will not be pretty. I swear these goons are forcing civil strife. A counter measure must ensue asap to hammer these thugs into the parliamentary carpet. Yes, tit for tat, reap what you sow and all that…beat down time.


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