Zipline Conservative

March 9, 2010

Obama Fatigue & other flak

Obama exposure: Dear me, have you ever seen this much exposure? This is almost obscene. Oblahma is playing with the numbers on health care on ‘savings’ to the CBO… you are lying and at best purposely exaggerating. Weary public knows you are steering us toward financial ruin, if not servitude to the State.

Funny, and not so funny, story out of NJ on Little League league would not accept sponsor from Constitution Arms shop (you can imagine why) but is accepting sponsor from Pluck You fried chicken shop.

Ex. Cong. Massa talking about Rahm Emanuel in the curtainless showers of the Congressional gym. Huh…Massa talks about Rahm’s intimidation and violent approaches to congressmen. Don’t drop the soap with Rahm in the stall.

The Left seems very silent re Afghan War. Any comments for draw down in Iraq? Is it on schedule per Bush timetable? Seems ok now that Oblahma has followed Bush plan in Iraq?


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