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March 3, 2010

Glenn Beck (Look Past the Goofball Persona)

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I recall Beck on the radio many years ago. He was an interesting voice discussing culture less than the Left or ‘Progressives’….Liberals then. I do recall him talking of a grand conspiracy re the Timothy McVeigh case. I was intrigued, but he didn’t connect the dots. Being a visual person, I have enjoyed watching the dots be connected on his TV show.

The question is begged..why doesn’t the msm connect the seemingly easily available dots, just waiting to be connected? It is apparent the State Run Media is aware and in line with the Oblahma Admin’s plans for incremental demise.

I have sat objectively scrutinizing the dots Beck throws up on the blackboard or flat screen. Their own words, spoken and written, demonstrate their Statist plans and the ready acceptance of the media shows their complicity in this plan. Meanwhile the electorate is tired of this mierda. Of course, the usual wimpy, 10%, swing vote is clueless…just waiting for the emotional pitch of guilt-class envy v. the pocket book. One thing Beck has right…Progressivism is alive and well in both parties and has not served us well. Yep, as plain as the nose on your face….something stinks. Once the house is aired out and fumigated…then what?


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