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March 31, 2010

Michael Steele & What is Wrong with RNC: Unprincipled Gluttony

Is this why Steele has been MIA during the recent debates? The Voyeur Club? This is totally reflective of the RNC! Stupid, Gluttonous, Unprincipled, Worthless. No Mercy on this party….or the Demwits. Gluttony & Hypocrisy be damned. How exactly did this goddamn moron expect not to be outed on such shenanigans?


March 28, 2010

America….This Is A Terrorist…Not The Tea Baggers

“The body of Heriberto Cerda, the police chief in Agualeguas, was found on the bed of a patrol pickup truck, which was left on a dirt road in the nearby town of General Trevino. His head was on his lap,…The slayings came a day after Mexican marines on patrol in the Nuevo Leon town of Cerralvo came under fire after ordering a convoy of gunmen traveling in six vehicles to stop. Six of the assailants were killed….Nearly 18,000 people have died in drug-related violence since President Felipe Calderon launched an assault on cartels after taking office in December 2006.  In the northern state of Sonora, gunmen in a pickup truck fatally shot the deputy police chief and his bodyguard in the city of Nogales…”  Terrorism in Mexico…At Our Doorstep…Wake Up!

March 26, 2010

State Run Media and Progressives (Start The Scare Tactics)

Sleaze media and Democrats start the marginalization of Right..typical actions that they join forces together promote a myth while ignoring thugs on their own side. Don’t fall into this BS….despicable effort to paint a false picture….there are countless examples of turning deaf ear to their own abuse crews. Silly shits…  So many examples of thuggery by the Left… Hypocrisy….and so much propaganda…resist. Do not believe the propaganda by the idiotic liars.Identify that Obama leads by fear, class envy, hate mongering, and arrogance supreme.

March 25, 2010

Glenn Beck & The Trap

I have come to enjoy Glenn Beck’s show. The guy does an amazing job, day to day, following his seemingly whackadoodle thought processes… Not so quick. Have you really watched the guy? I have to admit there is much there to digest. He has set forth a lot of info that is troubling. Most troubling is the cabal of dangerous individuals that are working next to Obama. But, last night Beck touched upon something that resonated and probably does with many of you: frustration turning to threats and violence.

The effort is to marginalize the resistance. Marginalize the ‘tea party’, the conservative voice, the alternatives. Paint the resistance as threatening, uncivil, scary. Then highlight all the supposed or real actions of a few to further marginalize the alternative voice.

Beck advised to not succumb to rage. To not encourage violence. He is, of course, right. Peace brother.

This impulse to vent is brought by a sense of hopelessness in the process. Many segments of our society..minority groups…feel this at times. It can be played upon by the propaganda efforts of this or that group seeking power…so be ever vigilant to the message and ulterior agendas. Keep the peace.

Yellow Enviro Agenda

I sense the relentless campaign on enviro policy has three fronts: the legit concerns over habitat and pollution; the profit incentive to push new products that may or may not have a legit impact on the environment; the faction that wants to bring our system down and retool under government control. Of course, there is a blend of the above. Slimeball Gore is getting hypocritically rich while spewing his yellow agenda. The disturbing wave of propaganda is the price for living in a, for now, free society…we are being brainwashed with our freedom of expression mechanisms. There is little escape and the sheep follow. The yellow agenda is being prepped now by this mass media mechanism. If the Oblahma Ilk have their way….the muscle will evolve behind the scenes to enforce the yellow agenda. Beware of the seemingly reasonable…it is but a prelude..a step to the abyss.

March 23, 2010

Health Care Reality Check (UK Style)

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We can talk to the pols until we are blue in the face. They don’t care…they already know the realities and either think they can do better than those that have gone before or want the power to cut the moorings. Preaching to the populace, is speaking to those that are busy working and getting by. Not just the idle rich but the rest of us that do the right thing everyday. They may or may not look up from their toils to comprehend the risk. The takers do not care…takers have never considered the consequences of their actions…that is why many of them, that did have options, chose to take.

“The ex-minister admitted that most of the extra money—which by now must equal a decent proportion of the total national debt—had been simply wasted. (The same might be said, of course, of the increased outlays put toward state education.) But his explanation for this state of affairs was superficial and self-exculpating, to say the least: he said that the NHS received more money than it knew what to do with because of managerial inexperience.”

“My job is to make sure that the government is reelected.” (The government’s job, in turn, was to make sure that she remained chief executive.) She also explained that the hospital could expect no increase in its government funding, unlike other hospitals—because it was located in an area in which most people voted for the government anyway.  CJ Reality Check

ACORN Morphing Into Cells

ACORN closing? BS!  Just morphing into individual cell much like Colombian or Mexican Cartels did in the 90’s. Sleaze, race baiters. To hell with all of them and all their race baiting mouth spew. Criminal enterprises do such things. Smash them, where ever the ugly growth pops up.

March 22, 2010

Demwits Win!!! The Takers v. The Providers

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Cowardice and Corruption….No Pious Left for the Future. No pretense of middle ground that garnered numbnuts the Presidency. Pathetic demonstration of abuse. More to follow. Immigration will let them play the race card…racism and guilt. The Republicans will play on this one like that pantie wearing traitor Graham. Something must emerge to trash these parties and bloated, jowly blowhards. A revolt is inevitable and wanted by Nanny and her useful idiots…the msm. The better to paint the Right as uncivil, intolerant. Excesses loom on all fronts. Damn right intolerant…

March 21, 2010

Alcee Hastings You Son of a Bitch!!!! No Rules?

Son of a Bitch Progressive Democrats

A Dark Day in Mudville: Health Care Deformed Passes 1st. Hurdle

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