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February 17, 2010

Johnny Depp & Che (Ignorance…Murder Ignored)

Oh the silliness of those that brandish Che but ignore how he personally executed Cubans. How much intelligence does it take to do a little research to come across the truth of how Che evolved into a thug and murderer. Pathetic Depp! “Guevara was an individualist that believed in human rights.”

“Gloria La Riva, who has coordinated efforts to free five Cuban men convicted of spy-related charges in the United States, said she had a college roommate in the 1970s who had a Guevara poster. Curious about who he was, she ended up learning about and supporting the Cuban revolution. I think he represents an ideal of justice and of equality and sacrifice,” she said. “He made the sacrifice of his own life. … He was trying to help the people of Bolivia. La Riva said Guevara is hated because of his efforts to spread socialism. She disputes the characterization of him as a cold-blooded killer. She contends the government Guevara helped put in place has saved millions of lives through programs such as immunization for children. La Riva said more young people are taking an interest in learning about Guevara, and seeing his face on clothes might stoke that interest.”  (Moron Alert)

“Trust me, the last thing i would want is a person who would kill people.  I do not believe in murder.  But lets look at america.  maybe bush is not taking the gun directly to the people in iraq but in a way he is killing these people.  my husbands best friend just died their.  I do not believe that all countries should be communist but i think if their is a right person to be able to treat everyone the same then good.  come some countries half is starving and half is rich.  like look at all these famous people eating 1,000 dollar dinners while children suffer and die everyday.  the people need to stop thinking about GREED!  no one is better then the person next to them.  please do not hate me,  for believing what i believe.  i do not like castro i wish him the worst.  but che if he was alive would have taken care of the cuban people.  im positive.  thank you”

Ah, the handy escapist drivel re ‘america’ and W. Did the son of a bitch put guns to dissident’s heads and pull the fucking trigger? Did he order dozens of people executed? Did he or not. Don’t bring up America. Did the SOB CHE execute anyone? Yes! Punto! Chingoso!




  1. Johnny Depp is a capitalist living on a secluded island. He sold out a long time ago but the whole Pirates crap made us finally believe it. He is a great actor and that is all. He is a hoarder and a very sick man, though I love is movies. It makes sense that he would support Che’s work for publicity and more money. But he would never had survived Che’s regime and would probably have been locked up for being “different.”

    Comment by it'safactjack — April 11, 2010 @ 7:19 PM | Reply

  2. Viva La Revolucion————————

    Comment by Mohammed Al Karbalae — March 22, 2012 @ 12:24 PM | Reply

    • Just hold that thought please!

      Comment by SB — March 22, 2012 @ 6:32 PM | Reply

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