Zipline Conservative

February 11, 2010

Zipline Observations & Opinion

Winter Blast is a good reminder that we can survive in our daily lives with DC shut down; Climate Change Contrivers will grab onto N.E. blizzard in some fashion; Oregon considering bill allowing the wearing of religious garb in classroom by teachers (Muslim of course); California is in the bowl and the financial toilet has been flushed; A microcosm of dependency and expectations…affirmative action: I know a young, black male. Sharp but lazy. Wants to be fire fighter. Just dropped out of school. Why? Believes he does not need it because “I’m black, I don’t need it.” All admonitions aside, since this revelation from a school counselor (she didn’t tell him to drop out..just explained affirmative action) the young man has become smug, entitled, and dependent upon the largesse of big bro….pathetic.



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