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February 5, 2010

Oblahma’s Transformation on a Daily Basis

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Can you picture the nightly briefing of how O is going to transform his message tomorrow to play the game of mental manipulation? Yet underfunded police and fire dept’s are laying essential employees off. Soldiers oversees and State side essential emergency services are under funded. Is ACORN under funded? I am sure, by some accounts, organizers against liberty believe ever more money is needed for ACORN.

So, isn’t it obvious to the feel good Dem’s, at some level, that Oblahma is a charlatan? This saturation of media and daily mental gamesmanship should alert anyone that something is afoot.

Many of us were equally oblivious and accommodating to W et al as they grew government and stepped on privacy…it was ok because he was on our side v. them. Bad thinking then and now.


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