Zipline Conservative

February 4, 2010

Stop the Spending, Shrink the Dependency Class (Screw Civility Until You Do!)

How do we shrink the dependency class? The insane spending and hell bent desire for government to do everything for every straw dog problem is leading up toward a government reaching far beyond its purpose or intent.

Oblahma’s call for civility is obscene. There can be no civility as long as the Left continues to stand upon the pulpit and call for the ever larger growth of government at the expense of liberty. Oblahma thinks we must serve our fellow man…we have an obligation to our fellow man. Yes, as long as it is on my terms not the government’s terms. My choice on the degree I want to help anyone. Only the most needy and downtrodden should be provided shelter, food, clothing, medical. And, by that I mean the ones sleeping in door ways, under freeway overpasses, in tarp shelters in briar patches etc. Not the bloated welfare class of gimme gimme mothers with 4 kids from 4 dads. Fuck that! Don’t even try to guilt me into any of that shit. I have worked around it and see it every day. I have no sympathy for the dependency class. Only uncivility for the government that created it.


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