Zipline Conservative

February 1, 2010

Leftist Palaver and Oblahma (Purposely Misdirected)

The Left obsessed with Palin, James O’keefe, the Tea Party. Ignoring all the while Oblahma’s Administration loaded with Goldman Sachs crooks. No concern for the Fed or Geithner’s failed role. No concern about voter fraud or thugs threatening at the polls; no concern re Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Still throwing out shit over Haliburton or Bush. Blinders on re this biggest corruption ever to occupy the White House in this era. Nope going after that crazy, whackadoodle…so scared of Sarah and the stupid Tea Party. Seriously so consumed by lesser issues while ignoring their Liberty under greater assault than W ever initiated. This is a great time really. The silent majority sitting by while Oblahma  et all lays waste to the Republic. Keep whining…it is teaching us ever more that there is no compromise with you.The Left…purposely misdirected or just that damn dumb?


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