Zipline Conservative

January 28, 2010

Republicans: Do You Have Legit Answers?

So, Oblama is looking pretty weak. Do you continue to sit back and let him and the Dem’s continue to self destruct, knowing their policies will not work in the long run? Or, do you step up with an aggressive, demanding mantra to steer recovery into a legit arena? You might lose the advantage for 2010 being bipartisan and all, but leadership demands some voices of leadership emerge from the Republican Party and display leadership. Is that possible? I wonder. Of course, that voice has to gain the microphone beyond Fox and the WSJ. Step up I say. But, do you have any kind of response beyond ‘cut taxes’? The mess requires more breadth of leadership than cut taxes. I agree, of course, but the leadership voice(s) must discuss a greater degree of a plan.


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