Zipline Conservative

January 25, 2010

Obama’s State of the Union (Finally Focused)

It took the Mass.destruction to help the White House (Obama et al) focus on jobs. He is refocused on jobs. Huh? So much wasted money, time, words. Wonder what the unemployed have thought about this all along. Oh those extended unemployment benefits make it fine for awhile. But, most I know are going stir crazy waiting. Of course, the dependent class are just fine with the dole…with the promises of ever more gifts from Nana. The smug Gibbs and Axelrod over the week seemed unphased by Massachusets. A window into the State of the Union? Keep it up with the Populist, Anti-Banks (Jews?), Jobs BS. You better all get off your collective asses and help the private sector get going….principally by getting out of the way and stop funneling money into your henchmen’s coffers.


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