Zipline Conservative

January 18, 2010

Relief Failure by Obama (Stalled Supply Lines Causing Anger) Why the Failure?

Obama Administration Failing in Haitian Relief Effort

Bush Administration Failing in Katrina Relief Effort

Stupid before, Bush, and other than the French and Brazilians saying so now re Obama, you won’t hear any criticism of Obama. The rapid response of rhetoric by Oblama really didn’t matter, given the primitive environment in Haiti, anymore than it did in New Orleans. I find it, as usual, the height of hypocrisy by the Left and the msm to pick and choose, for the sake of power, their evil force (Bush). It is equally silly, at this point, to criticize Obama et al for the relief response. Of course, I saw Obama this morning pining away over MLK Jr. and remarking how his, Obama’s,  dream (so damn self centered..what an ego-maniacal putz) had not been realized after a year. So much hope for change….such a shame the dream is spitting and sputtering along….damn Republic.  


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