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January 18, 2010

Drone Feeds Hacked (Tech Upgrade Required)

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“The Air Force has staked its future on unmanned aerial vehicles commonly referred to as drones…

The Global Information Grid (GIG) in operation for over 25 years old, is not up-​​to-​​date and does not have the latest technologies like many of the militaries systems. When the GIG and other systems were designed and placed into operations, cyber attacks and the threat of cyber warfare was nowhere near the threat it is today and not considered to be part of the critical design criteria.

This is one example why we estimated the DoD will need to spend approximately $65 billion between 2009– 2012 to address cyber attack vulnerabilities and upgrade their critical systems.

FACT: December 2008 — U.S. military personnel in Iraq discovered copies of Predator drone feeds on a laptop belonging to a Shiite militant.” Drone Tech Upgrade

I am by no means a military buff and have not been in the military for 40+ years. I generally support the troops but not always the deployments. So, when I read how behind and unsound the military judgment can be, I wonder if the most important government operations (the military) are so ineptly run….then how in the hell could they ever run health care or all the other parts of our life they want to control? Yet, the military from weapons, to boots, to body armor to drone tech are not as fully functioning as I imagined. The hurry up and wait life applies to tech upgrades as well.



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