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January 17, 2010

Self Sufficiency On Its Head (Regressive Agenda Toward Servitude)

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No Memories Allowed

Was watching a show re Wild Pacific. Part of this highlighted natives on small island bobbing around catching fish by what I will call primitive means and supplying the village. Good for them. They don’t want boats, rods, rafts, reels fine. But, the expressed point was industrial nations could learn something from this to live within their means and not take from others. WTF! This regressive push toward backyard gardens and all the rest of the primitivism is not about a simple providing for self and the beauty of taking care of self….no….it is always a bigger issue of reducing back to a simpler time so others in the community can have theirs. You really don’t need all that food, or stuff. Seriously, what a selfish bastard you are! We are a meant to be bobbing around in our lagoon fishing for the global village. Over consumption is a waste…but fuck you! It is my waste. I owe nothing to anyone else by me and mine. I am responsible to cut my waste in order to have more for me and mine. Not for the damn State or Global World Order. Now it is the subtle and not so subtle manipulation of our guilt. No damn doubt in my mind the propaganda is a prelude to when self sufficiency is not for freedom but for servitude to the lowest common denominator.


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