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January 17, 2010

Haitians on $2.00 a Day?

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Big push to respond to look more efficient on Haiti than Bush et al on Katrina. Wow…impressive…so the msm says. Why $2.00 a day for 9 million people after years of escalating aid under Bush and now Oblama? The aid is never enough and oh of course we have to hear our tax dollar is wimpy proportional to what other countries pay per income. Never enough. Never good enough. Never managed for waste government to government. Sure send aid and donations and clean up the pathetic mess for now. We sure as hell don’t know how to spend it here that is for sure. Might as well squander it close to home as well. On all fronts Oblama looks amateurish in bragging and looking like ‘look at me mommy, look at me”. Haiti Aid ‘Facts’


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