Zipline Conservative

December 23, 2009

Americans Talking Global View (At Sametime Pulling the Down Comforter Higher Over Their Head)

“The disappearance of international news is a long-term trend in the U.S., dating back at least to the late 1960s and particularly marked since the end of the Cold War. A number of studies suggest a roughly 80 percent drop in foreign coverage in print and television media since then. But the trend seems to be accelerating, a fact that should alarm citizens of any country that aspires to global influence—or to survival, for that matter.”

I am by no means a globalist. Screw the global community. But, I think it only makes sense to be fully aware of the world around you to assess threats, discover innovations, monitor the health and welfare of allies and to maintain the heritage of wisdom from scholars. The whole mushy mess seems part preoccupation with media drivel, as well as this ‘think local’ mindset (at least amongst the hipsters in my neck of the woods). Think Local has some merits. It is ironic that it is often associated with the Euro life style. But, the article above focuses on Journalists and their decisions to not bother their readers with current events beyond Tiger, Sarah or Michelle. Is anyone sick, seriously sick, of seeing Obama and Oprah at every turn?

Odd how the media/education machine so easily stirs our development and awareness. The older I get the more depressing it seems that the historical heritage of this country…just basic agreed upon history…is so diluted by political agendas that we will only be living in the present or future. That is a shame.


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