Zipline Conservative

December 20, 2009

Obama and Dem’s (Reap What You Sow Now)

The Leftist ilk of bigger and grander projects at the hands of social planners/engineers are ecstatic, no question. No mandate warrants this rush to alter our social fabric. Celebrate now. The discourse of honest debate was not met. The end justifies the means and the corruptocrats’ mentality will come home to roost someday. I know I will forever despise the politician, be it the Republican or Democrat. Sick of it all. Smash mouth mood. Tar and feathers. The msm has been complicit in filtering a reasoned debate re this and other grand debates.

The Republicans have not marshalled any legit spokesman for countering this outrage nor found their voice beyond the state run media. Very disappointing, very frustrating. The write your Congressman, and the ballot box do not suffice for this process. An orderly, civil society does not seem palatable as you are pushed off a cliff.


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