Zipline Conservative

December 19, 2009

Jean-François Revel (Reality vs. Good Intentions Considered)

“Revel systematically contrasted the indisputable realities with the stubborn leftist commitment to dubious social experiments…..He could never solve the ultimate puzzle of the Left’s blindness, however: why would educated scholars elevate utopian fantasy above reality?…Revel’s books are thus deeply relevant to the current American debate on the future role of government: should good intentions (like “health care for all”) take precedence over the predictable bad results of such measures? Should political myths (the benevolent state) be fought with facts, or by promoting counter-myths (like the libertarian utopia)? America’s loud and disgruntled demonstrators, from universal health-care activists to Tea Partiers, would benefit from an encounter with this great defender of the free society.” (City Journal Always Excellent)


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