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December 12, 2009

Bilingual Mierda! (La deshonestidad de la Agenda de izquierda)

“The counterintuitive linguistic claims behind bilingual education were always a fig leaf covering a political agenda…..Despite its conceptual contradictions, bilingual education spread inexorably through the federal and state education bureaucracies. The National Education Association, undoubtedly whiffing a jobs bonanza for its unionized members, produced a report in 1966 arguing that teaching Hispanic children in English hurt their self-esteem and led to underachievement….The fact remains, however, that the English for the Children Act has swept away a misguided drag on assimilation and routed a once-powerful educrat interest group. The significant rise in English learners’ test scores since 1998 demonstrates that bilingual education is not necessary for Hispanic progress.  (City Journal)



  1. Your comments are misguided. You can’t argue with the science and research behind bilingual education. I don’t blame you for throwing stones at people who are itching to get there hands on education dollars but the example that you site is so old that I have to stretch my imagination just to think of where you might have gone to find it. The best research out there points out the benefits of bilingual education. All of language fluency studies are based on brain science now which you would agree is a far less subjective thing to site than self esteem. The article from the city journal that you site is also not arguing but manipulating the facts. The reality that you do not seem to be aware of is that bilingual education in its best form – dual language instruction – is the most effective way for children to excel academically in all respects. The problem with the article that you sited is that the ideal model for bilingual education is not even discussed. No one argues that the child should be instructed exclusively in a native language for several years. True bilingual education is a gradual ramping up of english instruction so that by the time students hit the middle grades, they are fluent english speakers. You cannot build fluency in one language without having a base of fluency in the native language nor can you master a language in less than seven years. Yes children are sponges but there language skills come from mom and dad. Kids come to school physically wired to speak and listen in the language of the home (there is plenty of brian science to back this up by the way). Besides, the significant rise in bilingual student’s test scores is based on No Child Left Behind legislation that has forced states to ram english down the throats of ESL kids in an effort to meed a state standard or risk losing federal dollars. Yes the scores are up but only because the standards in most states are so low that if you put a letter grade on meeting the standard, the child is achieving at half of an “F”. I this is what you call “Up” or “Educated” I will stick with building fluency in the child’s native language. Something I do well mainly because I want my students to aspire to something other than gang life and prison.

    T Moreno

    A bilingual educator that thinks you are an uneducated “idiota”

    Comment by TMoreno — November 13, 2010 @ 4:16 PM | Reply

    • Thank you for responding T. Listen….insults get you no where with me pinche cabron. Sovereignty. Laws. Play the game. Or get the hell out. Oh yes, I imagine you are the legal facilitator. Whatever chingoso. palabras no hacer differente. Silencio! Callate! I prefer English. The language of the USA. Deal

      Comment by SwittersB — November 13, 2010 @ 8:00 PM | Reply

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