Zipline Conservative

November 23, 2009

The Leftist Fraud (Reason, Civility…Fading)

Was I oblivious? Was Bush et al as corrupt as this Democrat bunch? I mean I heard the incessant barrage of attacks for 8 long years. I don’t recall the depth of corruption I see now amongst the Dem’s. It is deplorable and enraging to see the double standard. I know it exists…we rave on about the msm, but this is dangerous neglect. It begs the responses that won’t be pretty. Frankly, many Republicans are part of this filthy process. Socialism won’t fix this. It only subjugates the masses, while the same fat cats suck off wealth. Imagine how much bailout monies are being siphoned off to the dark side. Screw the Democrats. Screw the Republican ilk that are not much better. Really done….  If they are purposely crashing this system, violence will erupt. May they rot in hell.


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