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November 20, 2009

Glenn Beck Derangement Syndrome (Call Him Names…But Never Refute His Claims)

Glenn Beck uses Vicks to cry on cue….Advertiser Dump Glenn Beck…Glen Beck’s organs are full with drugs and alcohol…Nutlog Fox News Channel comedian Glenn Beck…Palin/Beck? Don’t rule it out….An honors student died in the crash today, leaving the nation to wonder why the grisly experience of burning alive was not reserved for Glenn Beck…Follows Beck’s career from the alleged suicide of his mother…Glenn Beck drove away a lot of people with his right wing nonsense…Glenn Beck is a two-bit phony…the average episode of Glenn Beck’s nightly cable show goes down like liquid acid…Some sources claim that Glenn Beck may be responsible for the rape and murder of a girl in 1990…Man, I hate being forced to insult someone. But he brings it on himself: Glenn Beck is an idiot.He is a right-wing blowhard…Glenn Beck is a loon, which is why the GOP base loves him. Nothing says conservative like paranoid middle-aged white people

Oh you could go on and on and on…………………………   Ignorance, Denial, Group Think….As Robotic as they come…brilliant sounding as well. Yet, no refutation of the allegations….just concern about the methods of delivery…less aware or concerned about the Obama cabal’s ‘the means don’t matter…only the end.’  Selective Indignity


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  1. Try refuting facts instead of character. I have never seen this website that you so proudly say is out there. If al gore said his mother commited suicide you would not ask him if it was true. Glenn is someone who I finally associate with. Here is someone who speaks the truth and you cannot get past your own bias. Do me a favor and watch Glenn on the view and arianna huffington on the view and tell me the difference is?

    Comment by cpacek — February 4, 2010 @ 9:44 PM | Reply

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