Zipline Conservative

November 18, 2009

New Moon, Lust and Crazed Women Old Enough to Know He’s Vitamin D Deficient

A bizarre sequence of Elvis like mania seems upon us. Young girls are understandable…I recently stood in a checkout line with several vampire mags highlighting the pasty one for my daughter, in need of an Edward fix. That, I kind of grasp. But, older women are observed swooning over the seductive qualities of I am not sure what. No, I don’t get it. Clooney or some other packaged type I will concede, but Edward and the temptations of  Bella? Silliness. Oh well, I realize when I am pissing into the wind on such matters. But, I will draw the line on Twitarded women in my life….(unlikely, I know)  My daughter will be there Thursday or is it Friday night at midnight…hell probably both nights…for the opening of New Moon. What could Eclipse that?

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