Zipline Conservative

November 1, 2009

Liberal or Conservative (Who is More Intelligent)

“To reiterate, people who subscribe to non-traditional ideas probably have above-average intellects, but that does not mean other smart people will like those ideas. This is a point often lost on liberals who work in universities or in the news media. They observe, usually correctly, that friends and acquaintances in their social circle are smarter than the average (and likely more conservative) people they encounter on the street. But too many elites see this correlation between smartness and liberalism as somehow a validation of their political views. They seem unaware that the wider world features plenty of intelligent people who are not professors or movie critics or government bureaucrats. Even among the nation’s smartest people, liberal elites could easily be in the minority politically, but different social circles keep them insulated from finding that out. The result is a convenient but damaging political meme that circulates among some people on the Left—the belief that their opponents simply can’t understand what makes for good, policy.”

Well, I reckon I’m gonna have to get myself someone to ‘splain this here article to me.

Oh, and which of these candy ass, panty wearing, earnest fucks have ever served their country or done the heavy lifting? Oh, shit..there I go again showing my ignorance.


Well, we know he is smart. He wrote a book or two I hear.


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