Zipline Conservative

October 28, 2009

Obama…Time to Take Care of Business, or……………………..

Obama_Toilet_Logo_by_ConservatoonsIraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan: a sequence of car bombs to send notice to Boy Wonder that all his apologies around the world are not going change the mindset of these murderous Muslims or their financiers.

So, what to do? Every death of an American soldier seemingly has us entrenched further..mentally. ‘We can’t get out now. The boys would have died in vain.’

Not so sure anymore. Elections in Iraq have not stopped car bombs. Internal infrastructure and security have not stopped planning and execution of terrorist assaults….anymore than they could here. Open societies beg for a kick in the ass much like a participant in pin the tail on the donkey…so vulnerable to attack walking around blindfolded and trusting.

So, Obama…time to shit or get off the pot. Your election excuse is short lived. Does it matter who wins to shore them up? Make the hard call. All your whirl wind apology tours did not absolve you of girding your loins and growing a set.  Welcome to the real world Jr. Senator!! What do your Leftist advisor’s tell you now? Conservatoons


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