Zipline Conservative

October 27, 2009

American L.E. Corruption Likely to Rise from MexCartels

“if you increase the overall number of law enforcement officers as dramatically as we have”—from 9,000 border agents and inspectors prior to 9/11 to a planned 20,000 by the end of 2009—“you increase the possibility of corruption due to the larger number of people exposed to it and tempted by it.” Note, too, that Drug Enforcement Agency data suggest that Mexican cartels are operating in at least 230 American cities.    The Mexicanization of American Law Enforcement

So, if they haven’t already, will whack job Muslims join forces with the Cartels in Mexico to compromise our systems? Worked in Colombia, Afghanistan…



Without belaboring the point, I have personal experience with the mentality of the true cartel trafficker…not the street thug gangster, but rather the original genetics of the Culiacan spawn. They are every bit as dangerous as any Taliban crazy. Power for Mohammed or dinero….it all cuts the same. America is to pussyfied to mentally deal with this for long. La Plaza’s of old are extending ever del Norte. Estan Listo?


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