Zipline Conservative

October 26, 2009

Obama’s Fall Short in the Art Department (Oh, For Crying Out Loud!)

Gopnik’s taste for artistic “affirmative action” came through very clearly:

They seem to redress past imbalances in the nation’s sense of its own art….But there are still only six works by women, vs. 41 by men. And there are no works at all by Latinos. (A work by the deceased Cuban American artist Félix González-Torres would have filled the gap perfectly, and added a nod to the country’s gay culture. The Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum has one that could have been borrowed.

Is there any end to this nonsense re race, class and orientation? Only worse is when such moronic speak becomes law….the Gopnik’s of the world are pinched little assholes that demand group conformity while touting diversity. Hey Gopnik, the dog of liberty is pissing on your shoe. Watch out! If the Obama’s cannot conform then  picture the extreme expectations of these cultural gatekeepers. Additional possibilites for the Obama’s, of course according to their personal taste. They do have that right don’t they?


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