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October 23, 2009

Dictatorial Stooges~Earnest and Abusive (ObamaPawns: Bauer & Dunn)

Filed under: Arrogance of Power,Corruption,Courts,Disgusting — SwittersB @ 4:33 PM

All you sensitive hipsters and yup’s that raged on in earnest contempt for the hypocrisy of Bush et al…why are you silent now over the abuse of power by Obama et al? So, if the goal is acceptable to you, then the end justifies the means? The abuse of power by this never ending, entwined ilk is mind boggling. Corrupt to their red core and you sit silent while the Change takes place one right at a time.

Using the System to Harass and Smear

Using the System to Harass and Smear

The simple truth remains: that piece of shit William Ayers and Obama are/were good friends. No abuse from dick wad Bauer can change that. Dunn is equally an earnest twit sitting at night strategizing how to destroy. The earnest followers sit silent. The system turned on the citizens. So, horrible was Bush’s Patriot Act? So, quiet now as the assault upon freedoms operates 20 fold greater than anything Bush et al attempted.


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