Zipline Conservative

October 17, 2009

Health Care Reform: Obama and The Left (Missing The Point…On Purpose I Suppose)


Peggy Noonan writes:

“People who oppose a health-care overhaul are not in love with insurance companies. They’re not even in love with the status quo. Everyone knows the jerry-built system of the past half-century has weak points. They just don’t think the current plan will shore them up. They think the plan would create new weak points and widen old ones. They think this because they have brains.” (more)

Intuitively, those that value individualism sense the threat. They also understand ego, compromise and power. It is evident to any self supporting man or woman that values liberty over the State that Obama et al are manipulating the message for the sake of power and individual ego needs.

Obama and his like minded cabal are liars and the followers of these manipulative charlatans only ignore this because of their belief in the State’s power over the individual’s ability to lead their life in balance with their fellow man. They do not believe the individual is capable of rectifying the inevitable neglects of man. Brother’s Keeper become’s Nanny’s Benevolence. Liberty is lost in the process.

Obama’s Fanciful Affliction:  “Today, upon hearing the news of Obama’s ascension into the exalted rank of Peacemaker Supreme, I thought of Alonso Quixano who reinvented himself as Don Quixote de la Mancha. I thought of the foolish old man who was so enamored by the fiction of the chivalric romances that he imagined himself surrounded by giants, kings, castles and fair damsels when the reality was something else altogether.

To the Don Quixotes of the world, and probably to Obama himself, it matters not that all he has done is waste other people’s money and vote ‘present’ when the going gets tough. All that matters is that he talks the talk, that he spins the romantic fictions they want to hear. They are not people to be taken seriously. Don Quixote’s earnest obliviousness was funny, theirs is not.”


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