Zipline Conservative

September 28, 2009

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (Slick Willie Says We Are Alive and Well)

Hooray for us! Of course we are alive and well. The same BS continues on the Left and that should necessitate a response from the Right. We should be silent because the great one has plan to transform America? Bizarre. Frankly, both sides’ nutroots are frustratingly repetitive and crazed at times. So too, the RINO’s and NEO’s are bland and freakin’ dangerous. The ‘populist’ stripe emerging now is angry and frustrated. Vulnerable to manipulation? Of course, but no more than to the Left’s relentless manipulation of guilt, envy, name calling, linking of anomalies. Either you want Nanny or you don’t. Either you look abroad or to the North and see the consequences of Nanny and PC or you don’t care. The means to stop this may be ugly, but come on….no uglier than the 8 years of Bush Bashing. The media or fastidious Clinton did not care then about the vast Left Wing Conspiracy.



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