Zipline Conservative

September 24, 2009

Soros and OSI Funded Projects for ‘Justice’ and ‘Democracy’

The Open Society Institute and the Soros foundations are deeply grateful to all our funding partners and thank them for their role in building open societies and for the trust in the Soros foundations reflected by their support over the years.

Center for Public Interest Research

for its support of student-directed civic and political engagement programs

Council of State Governments

for providing state legislators and policymakers in the United States the resources to establish effective public policies and government programs, and the Progressive States Network for connecting progressive state legislators around common principles and developing campaigns on these issues

Center for Community Chang

for its efforts to give low-income people a voice in American democracy, and the American Institute for Social Justice…

Justice at Stake Campaign

for its efforts to keep the U.S. courts fair and impartial.

New America Foundation in the United States for its efforts to oppose privatization of public airways, ensure nuclear security, and foster a new social contract among workers, employers, and the government…

The pages of this and previous reports also mention numerous independent organizations that were created by OSI or that spun off from OSI or Soros foundation programs. All of these institutions obtain support from many donors. In many cases, the funding OSI provides is only a small fraction of their total revenue. The support they obtain from multiple donors enhances their independence and, of course, helps to ensure their long-term survival as institutions that can help to build open societies. (Why this disclaimer?)


As you look at the pay out to all the groups from the Soros Org’s it looks like this is an immensely far reaching insertion into the far corners of the world. What is the underlying intent? Justice and Democracy? Only in the US it appears. Has to be for long term stability and economic gain in some instances. The disclaimer at the end is very interesting. It seems to me any reputable journalist ought to be objective to delve into who funds propaganda pieces or finances supposed balanced sites like Fact Check. Annenberg et al is right before the non lock step capabilities of a journalist student.


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