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September 24, 2009

Bernice Young Elementary Propaganda Chant for Obama (What BS!)

Obama Brainwashing in Public (Government Funded) School! Bullshit! How arrogant or ignorant are these teachers? Bernice Young Elementary, Burlington, NJ. Filmed June 19, 2009 and just now slips out. Sickness.  Now on Drudge Report.

Maybe call Bernice Young Elementary and give them your opinion?  

Update: Well, the Superintendent states it was because of Black History Month and celebrating accomplishments of people based upon skin color. Parent said it was a few  minutes thrown in among hour and a half school program that also honored George Washington and Abe. Well then…..that makes it OK. How can you fault that if they threw in George and Abe and included O? Really still BS…a prop piece with fuzzy PC bullshit. A month of BS for any race to include white when based upon a race. Divide and divide into groups and special interest groups, all along talking inclusion and diversity. Lots of inculcation is what it amounts to by brainwashed teachers and parents.  


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  1. I wonder if that was the excuse when the little boys and girls were raising the hand and saying “Heil Hitler!” ? Facism at it’s best!
    “Seig Heil” (Hail Victory), and was a common Nazi chant at rallies especially after a speech by Hitler. It didn’t start out mandatory.
    It’s all about mind control of the yourh folks! Better wake up!

    Comment by Ed Spaulding — September 26, 2009 @ 6:32 AM | Reply

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