Zipline Conservative

September 22, 2009

Racism (America’s Favorite Form of Self Flagellation)

Hmmm? Really no way to express this without running afoul from some angle. I hate racism, particularly the word. Tired of it. Dont care how much the victim status suits you. Don’t hate blacks. But, I despise any group, to include those blacks that roll in the muck and mire of victim status to gain advantage, to wallow in history for power or out of some ignorance about the real workings of human interaction. Not everyone has to like your sorry ass and it may have not one damn thing to do with the color of your skin but rather that petulant, self righteous sense of entitlement with which you go into everything….  I resent the hell out of that. You no longer deserve any special status. Work your ass off like the rest of us.  

Yes, I am tired of the victim class. I am tired of such a small percentage of the population constantly, day in and day out, garnering unwarranted status as the aggrieved party. Enough! Then, if some goon postures and displays a bias that you are sure, certain, positive is based upon the color of your skin then holler and holler that you are the victim of racism. While you are at it…holler for the white kid that was the victim of a bias crime by black thugs on a school bus. You will do that won’t you?   

Frankly, Obama hits come from perpetuating the same dependency class that gives blacks the sense of victim status. What percentage of blacks voted for Obama? Did they vote based upon any comprehensive understanding of his policy positions? I doubt it. They voted for him based upon the color of his skin. Huh? Whom is the racist? And, for how long will the black race be catered to? When will they wake up they are dependent, they are exploited and they are taken for granted because of the color of their skin. 

So sit down and shut up! You are blocking my view of all the blacks that work their asses off; raise superb families; serve this country and nary once play the fool. Let me see them; let us see them. I know they are there. Like the black youth that helped pull the thugs off of the white kid on the bus…a hero, a leader someday? At minimum an amazing citizen for certain!    


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