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September 22, 2009

Biden Sounds the Alarm to Dem’s (and Republican’s)

Filed under: Congress,Conservatism,Leftist Lunacy,Liberty — SwittersB @ 7:02 AM

Ol’ Joe the Bumbler sounds the alarm to the Democrat party and the base to get their act together or they will lose their opportunity to restructure America. They do look to be inept don’t they. Well this should also sound an alarm to the seemingly still RINO Party. The Republicans are bereft of ideas, counter arguments, always back on their heels. Where would they be without Fox News, a few rags and the inadvertant assistance of talk radio? Nothing bodes well for politics now. A total damn mess at ground zero and no apparent plan to rebuild. Simply put the party of No has no voice to rally behind ideas beyond NO, beyond anti big government. There is a mess now. Free market, local control on and on are weak and ineffective arguments in light of the mess piled up by Bush and the Democrats.

Who will pay heed to Biden’s warning on the Right, capture a pulpit and start setting forth repair options. At least get us back to the middle and later we can advance to the right with specifics. No more Palin, No more McCain, No more Big Business Gluttony. No More RINO’s, and sure as hell no more Neo’s advancing a policy of intervention abroad. Is there not a more cost effective way to bribe for the assassination of these slimeballs? Seems a couple billion $$$ destined for a bailout would have paved the way for a bullet or bomb leveled at the right targets.


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