Zipline Conservative

September 20, 2009

Obama’s Leftist “Leninist”? Roots (Yes, it looks and quacks like a duck….do you even care the intent?)

“MR. CHARLTON: What does Obama mean by “Change we can believe in“? Who is this “we”, and what is this “change”?

MR. LOUDON: We is the broad ‘progressive movement” which includes the Communist Party, Democratic Socialists of America,  Committees of Correspondence, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, ACORN, AFL-CIO, Change to Win, Demos, Institute for Policy Studies, Center for American Progress, Campaign for America’s Future, George Soros’s Open Society institute, United for Peace and Justice, Jobs with Justice, Economic Policy Institute, US Action, Apollo Alliance, the more than 70 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus, Progressive democrats of America, the wider Democratic Party…..etc, etc and their allies in the MSM, academia and government.

The change is towards a unionized, centralized, oligarchic “progressive” society where the values of the left reign supreme and traditional American values are demonized and all opposition is marginalized-by whatever means necessary.”

As Glen Beck as been repeating, don’t zoom in on the individual link. The State Run Media focuses on an individual link, when they care enough to give a brief moment of coverage, and fails to move back to connect the dots. Even with Bush, the media seemed solely focused upon Rove or Cheney. A very limited overview at best. So, the more the links are observed to contain the same results….the infiltration of organizations by overt or covert communists…it appears to me that O is a far Left power broker…call him a Leftist, Marxist, Communists or Leninist (he is no centrist) it is clear that Obama was brought along by a network of supporters. To see such a rapid accent makes me think that there really is a form of power that is invisible to the normal electorate. What we look at is not possibly real….the real behind the scenes and capable of manipulating the undecideds/swing votes of this country. As a commenter remarks in the above link…do you remember the banners or placards bearing the hammer and cycle on election night right in front of the White House? A whole lot of quacking going on! Centrist my ass.    

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