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September 13, 2009

Conservatism’s Response to the Environment?

greenI have recently noted that Conservatives and a good portion of the populace are rising up to show their discontent. We all know the talk show pundits and blogs aggressively argue against the Left on many levels. They talk about the threat to liberty and the culture. My mind has long ago tilted toward the negative and sometimes swung so far toward anger, contempt and ready to administer a beatdown to the next earnest, arrogant, spoiled hipster I encountered here in wierd Portland. But, my civil side, more civil than many Liberals I encounter, requires me to be respectful. Frustrating to be civil as Liberals and Marxists march us toward dependency or worse.

So, rather than be constantly against, what can I be for in addition to being on guard? What can I advocate for beyond catch phrases that seem to rapidly evolve into what I am against in the Left? One area that I believe Conservatives should own is the environmental issue or at least a portion of it. 

Climate Change, Global Warming and all leave me cold. I strongly believe it has been a means toward disrupting capitalism and slowing down the US economy, even the world economy. But, I say this carefully, maybe we should slow down. Things are so intertwined now that it seems impossible to unravel the connectedness nationally or globally. We just accept it. But, from that seems to come unacceptable forces that Conservatives should disapprove of that thwart or threaten the liberty held is such reverence by Conservatives. Large conglomerates of economic power are as dangerous as big nanny state government.

Over consumption to feed the needs, feeds the capitalist machine. Frankly, most of Americans over consume. I do. I don’t believe it is necessarily evil…just too much of a good thing.  Too much debris, too much garbage, too much, too much. We don’t need to disband the market forces to correct this as the Left would prefer.

But, how about Conservatism pushes for greatly reduced personal debt, really push for it. Individual responsibility to live with in your means. The Left pushes this and then legislates the savings into taxes to pay for programs. Conservatives should push for savings for personal comfort, an investment toward individual-family security. Not just to spend, spend, spend. How do we maintain jobs, comfortable living standards while not consuming so damn much? 

Conservatism should be of the land. Agri-Business has destroyed the sense of the family farm. The Left, at least in the NW, rejects big Agri and opts for locally grown. The ‘organic’ label is sought. Downside is the organic label greatly reduces the price…that needs to change. But, the point is why not more locally grown. Less agri produce. Family gardens. Community plots or backyard gardens that do what? Make you self sufficient. Make you healthier. That should be owned by Conservatives but isn’t.

The habitat. Seriously, again Conservatives should reign in businesses that show zero regard for local rivers, streams or the air. The immense EPA BS would have been much less required and intrusive toward liberty had Conservatives brought pressure toward their sacred  Jobs, money, consumption aside….Conservatives seem oblivious to the actual poison, filth, crap that business churns out to provide goods. Why are Conservatives so slow to grasp the balance of man and nature? Conservatives are asleep on this issue and give it over to the Left, who use it as a means for hammering away at capitalism’s evil ways. Capitalism’s selfish, oblivious, bloated ways are ignored by Conservatives…at our own risk it appears. 

So, the ubiquitous ‘green’ mantra has merit. The bigger conspiratorial intent by some on the Left should be co-opted by the Right. Again, what are the ideas Conservatives have to fix the mess created by the Left and the Right? Are we only nay sayers bent on slowing change, slowing decisions? Is that it? Or, do we have ideas beyond waiting to take advantage of the easily manipulated ‘undecideds’ every election cycle or so. I think we need to do much better and the environment is one area a voice needs to be heard.                    



  1. Why then not start a conversation with some of those evil liberals instead of insisting on demonizing us? What is happening to this planet is not a consrvative or liberal issue, it is a human issue. why do you need to divide everyone easily glibly into left or right. Why do you assume you are right and I am wrong. Why do you assume that you have the answers? It is this very god complex that got us in this mess to begin with. We need solutions not positions.

    Comment by spatialcontext — September 13, 2009 @ 9:27 AM | Reply

    • You’re kidding right? You are willing to admit that any blow back toward the Left is tit for tat for all the vitriol spewed by the dominant Left. BUT, you are right re the dialouge. Beyond that if the Left attempts to legislate solutions that dilute my liberty….then no choice but to spew back. Yes, sad commentary and I know it is not in the best interests of a civil society.

      Comment by swittersb — September 13, 2009 @ 1:00 PM | Reply

  2. is this a political issue or a scientific issue?

    Comment by spatialcontext — September 13, 2009 @ 9:51 AM | Reply

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