Zipline Conservative

September 12, 2009

Massive DC March Begs the Future Conservative Plans

Proud as hell of the citizens that marched upon DC on 9-12!!! But, all that energy directed at anti-big gov. and  excessive taxation begs a response to something that has been bothering me since the 2008 election. Republican cliches seen to rally the troops on a gut level: anti-taxes, anti-nanny, anti-illegal immigration, anti many things. Pro family, pro life, pro liberty, pro many things. But, it often seems simplistic and with no depth to solve problems. To criticize is reasonable but what is the alternative? Real poverty, real education problems, foreign inervention, real immigration reform, real evironmental problems, real problems that need to be solved by proposed solutions that safe guard liberty, life and DO NOT enhance a greedy eschelon of takers at the top. Fat cats can no longer hide behind capitalism and the market. 

Why ‘Pragmatism’ and ‘Moderation’ Won’t Save the GOP

“Republicans ought to propose some long-term plans to address these issues, as well as healthcare reform generally, but that would require they find something they seem not to have: Courage.  It requires some courage to go forth to voters and argue that they get too much for too little, and that such plans can never work.  It takes courage to explain to people why they must give something up in the short run that will otherwise destroy them in the long run.  It’s a bit like talking to an addict, who knows rationally that his addiction will destroy him over the longer run, but who cannot be convinced not to reach for that next fix.”


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