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September 11, 2009

9-11 (Towers, Pentagon and a Distant Field)

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Sobering, chilling, gut check reality. Watching the 8 year old footage, the feelings come back from that morning. Our Pearl Harbor. Our momentary vision of clarity. Faces of shock, fear, adrenaline overload, falling bodies. A sequence of attacks. If you believe in reality, truth and can set your conspiracy laden mindset aside then the chills, focus and anger should be a reminder of what was taken, how fragile and vulnerable we are and how vigilant we must be.


That fragility and shock from 9-11 and the simplistic decision making of the electorate in the 2008 election have been two defining events for me of how vulnerable the citizen’s mind is. That scares me. The pause, the compliance, the following along. Fine in a fire drill. Not so fine when mass decisions are in the offering.


Baroke Obama and Michelle with White House staff. Heads bowed, taps played. Honoring the dead. 30 seconds of effort…less than the White House staff staged outside. O off to the Pentagon to make comments. Bumbler Joe not sequestered today. Hopefully he will keep it simple today at Ground Zero. Remember the field in Pennsylvania too.


Don’t Denigrate This Day With Some National Service Day BS!   


Oh Dear God….Wild Geese!?!Bumbling Joe Biden just gave the most inane speech at the WTC site. How deplorable. Get on with your life?! Wild Geese?!? Who in the hell wrote that drivel? So representative of this administration.   


Will Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones meet with Baroke Obama to discuss the ‘truth’ about 9-11? Surely, Baroke knows the full scoop by now? I wonder if the Birther’s and Truther’s could join forces with the Chem Trail crowd? PETA and Code Pink would be worthy allies. 


Notice Baroke now puts his hand to his heart when anthem played. 

What Country You From Baroke?

What Country You From Baroke?


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