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September 9, 2009

Obama’s Blah Blah Blah (Too Much of a Good Thing!)

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Blah! Blah! Blah!

 Said it before, will say it again: so done of hearing this guy talk on and on. 260+ speeches so far! 121 on ‘Health Care Reform’.  Enough of this guy. He is overloading the psyche and by design attempting to wear us down. It seems particularly obvious that with only Obama blathering away on every topic, our nation’s representatives have given over any responsibility to lead. The State Run Media does not afford a genuine alternative view from Conservatives. I did not say Republicans. RINO’s need not apply. 
 Conservatives, Doctors, Citizens have no legitimate advocates that have not been cut off by the too powerful media class. Rebellion, revolt, outcry is inevitable. So funny given the Leftist Theater of old always having a ready TV camera at hand or a Leftist film crew creating a message movie for Sundance or HBO. The creativity surely exists on the Right…the outlet is not there for their efforts. So, tonight the Great Blah Blah will yet again stand in his great oratory aura to rally the undecideds, to generate cohesion. He will use Guilt, Shame, Class Envy, Urgency, Entitlement, Victims, Dependency, and his equivalency of the Axis of Evil to gain standing O’s and unity. Preaching to the choir, I say. Let the Euro Obsessive Glassy Eyed followers kneel….they are the willing Lemmings. They are the Obamabots. The Blue Dogs have more character than the RINOs. But, if they can withstand the fervor of their constituents that are swung by the great speech writers of O, then DO SO!      


 Burning out like a bright star…Obama desparately needs a victory..his own party and their overwhelming clout cannot get it togeteher to provide  O a leadership victory….let’s hope this continues. Like a drunken, staggering giant past his prime, muscled but carrying an extra 30 pounds…that is the Democrat Party (and the Republican Party). These are lean times. Everyone that is not a spoiled hipster or dependent member recognizes the real change needed is not Socialism nor the greedy, obsessive ways of Capitalism gone misdirected. Tweak the existing system. Forget the Euro models, forget the Marxist agenda, forget the RINO’s for the status quo. This it the time for someone or many on the Right to speak out in a logical, coherent manner and be part of the solution to solve problems beyond free market rhetoric or class envy BS. Who will that be? How will they gain access beyond the Conserva-Blogs, Fox and the few balanced newspapers? Let’s pray that they do. I am so done with any cult of personality types. Whether Obama or some right wing rep, I am ready for ideas that resonate…not some ruler.     

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  1. Okay, how’s this for an idea…Let’s get back to the nation that our founders created. An nation of individual people, responsible for our own jobs, cars, mortages and health care (insurance, etc), and not dependent on the government.
    Forget labels like conservative and liberal. These were created to divide us, so that we never see the big picture. What’s important isn’t individual leaders, mouthpieces for some party or other, but what you and I do every day as free people. Get up and go to work, provide for our families in whatever capacity we’ve chosen (corporate CEO, housewife, whatever), and stand up for our values. Worship (or don’t) according to our particular religous tradition, and carry on with our lives.
    Free people who don’t suck at the teat of the big, bloated government are the worst nightmare of people like Barack Obama. People who can wipe their own backsides without the assistance of the Czar for Backside Wiping are the Achilles heel of all statists.

    Comment by scruffysmileyface — September 14, 2009 @ 8:44 PM | Reply

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