Zipline Conservative

September 8, 2009

Obama (The Dogs’ Feet Reflexively Rise to Scratch That Spot)


Obama and the Union Tweaking on Labor Day (Class Envy, Worker v. Boss Man, Wages (my ass)).   Obama and The Children (GHWB did something similar years ago and was taken to task for intruding into the educational system…where are the media and Regressives today….oh, yo, the State Run Media…dat explains it).   All the sycophants repeat the mantra of guilt, have not’s, social justice, community, Democracy. It all boils down to creating victim classes that are not interested in equality of opportunity, or a helping hand…nope the victim classes are a club to beat down the Republic, the capitalist system, quality of life via that opportunity. Relentless Race, Relentless focus on the minorities….not their ascendancy through individual achievement, but their continued and necessary victim status…and more pathetically their acceptance of this role. Yep, the calculating scratching behind the ear of the attentive mutt causes that leg to raise up and start to hit that spot of need. No need to….let your master take care of that for you.  

You know, perhaps a Revolution of sorts is coming. I see a rebellion in my mind. What was more subtle is now more harsh. NO admission of hypocrisy by the Left, No change of the RINO’s, No genuine balanced investigation of anything. Everything agenda driven. Conclusions assumed and only the points needed to prove the conclusions are discovered. Goofy robotic Left, Giant Leftist Power Whores, Goofy Religious Right…everybit as dangerous as a Leftist, Pathetic and Frigging Dangerous Dependency Class ( I am coming to hate them and to distrust my personal ability to sot out the truly needy). The Golden Rule under assault by my jaded perception of the takers (the dependent and the powerful).


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