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September 6, 2009

Climate Change Debate (Yes, a debate at least)

“Last month, in another study, also released in Science, Oregon State University researchers claimed to settle the debate over what caused and ended the last Ice Age. Increased solar radiation coming from slight changes in the Earth’s rotation, not greenhouse gas levels, were to blame…..

Nonetheless, what I find interesting is the eagerness of the authors and the media to make it clear that this doesn’t have any particular significance for the debate over climate change….

But we live in a moment when we are told, nay lectured and harangued, that if we use the wrong toilet paper or eat the wrong cereal, we are frying the planet. But the sun? Well, that’s a distraction. Don’t you dare forget your reusable shopping bags, but pay no attention to that burning ball of gas in the sky — it’s just the only thing that prevents the planet from being a lifeless ball of ice engulfed in darkness. Never mind that sunspot activity doubled during the 20th century, when the bulk of global warming has taken place.”



My closet is full of clothing. My garage is full of too much stuff, much forgotten or unused. Stuff. Is it my business that I have it? Is it anyone else’s right to lecture me, us, on the consumption of goods? Saw the recent Hollywood Pathetic Love Fest for Wonder Boy Service Call. Recall the guy earnestly saying to grow more and consume less? Well, now on the surface (it always is on the surface) that seems fine (their arguments are always fine up front) to have a back yard garden or terrace container garden. Just 50 years ago everyone in my neighborhood had a sizable back yard garden. Consume less. Well, yes. Save more and be more frugal in these hard times. Not bad advice. BUT! that is not the ultimate intent of the planners.

You will be self contained unit consuming less and eating your kale and tomatoes. Your savings, your frugality will benefit others. The State will decide how to divide you savings….your forced savings. Forced frugality. Forced co-ops? Forced this and that. All this nonsense ties back (yes I know you wondered) back to this climate change nonsense. Over focusing upon the sky is falling rhetoric of ‘scientist’ with a myopic view and the planners using the data to reduce our lives to frugal little consumers saving the planet.

Yes, stop pollution. Stop over development, but don’t crush it at all costs or for a Leftist agenda. Enough earnest little ‘bots running about lecturing and one step away from snitching you to the green gestapo. You know those little earnest twits will be the ones to call the authorities some day.

The debate is on and maybe the State Run Media will be counter balanced by questions, data, recalculations that bring honesty to the discussion (no discussion yet). I am tired of lock step propaganda spewed forth as fact. “Man is causing the disfigurement of the coastline with a planned resort.” “Man is causing the rise in sea levels.” On and on. No, I am not a scientist. But, for now, I have the freedom to call BS on the flock of crows that counter as false every scientist that counters the mantra. As scientist, isn’t it odd that many don’t seem to be intrigued by data that may suggest the earth is not flat.


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  1. Sustainable habitat would dictate carbon footprints. Personal useage allowances are a wave of the future mark my words! Kyoto Treaty in miniature. Water metering for personal use is right on it’s ass as well. We will have no choice, it is for the “common good”. End of life counseling? Grandma will be ready to go..forget the plugging her in, she’ll be more than happy to give up her “breathable air credits”!

    Better not get too cozy this winter! Watch the fireplace emmisions ( if you can be a beaver and cut it up with your teeth ), turn down the thermostat, get all your friends a Snugee for Christmas, and give Grandma a really, really big hug.

    Comment by Ed Spaulding — September 7, 2009 @ 7:33 AM | Reply

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